Biodegradable lubricant base"EXCEBIOL" (product in development)

Water soluble, biodegradable and lubricating 
 Polyalkylene glycol-based lubricant base 

What's great about Sanyo Chemical's Biodegradable Lubricant Base "EXCEBIOL"


Good water solubility and biodegradability

The "EXCEBIOL" products have excellent water solubility, so it mixes easily with water and does not separate over time, maintaining a uniform liquid state. 

The "EXCEBIOL" products are biodegradable, making it an environmentally friendly lubricant base in the event of a leak. 


Excellent lubrication function

It has excellent lubricating functions and is useful as a lubricant base in various applications. 


Extensive lineup covers a wide range of viscosities

The "EXCEBIOL" products cover a wide range of viscosities with a rich lineup, allowing a grade selection that best suits various applications.

"EXCEBIOL" products are a polyalkylene glycol-based lubricant base that is friendly to people and the environment. 

Intended use 

"EXCEBIOL" is biodegradable, and as a lubricant base can contribute to reduced environmental impact in various fields in the event of a leak, etc. 


Marine energy 

Can be used as a lubricant base in marine energy-related fields.


Ship related

Can be used as a base for lubricating screws and other power sources in the marine industry.


Agricultural Machinery/Construction Machinery

Can be used as a lubricant base in the field of agricultural and construction machinery.


Molding and processing

Can be used as a mold release agent in the molding and processing field.

Main properties of "EXCEBIOL" 

Main properties of the "EXCEBIOL" products and comparison with other base oils
Water solubility Biodegradability
Lubricity (coefficient
of friction
 [SRV method*]
Viscosity at 40℃
Viscosity at 100℃
Flow point
soluble good 0.116 49 11 -49
soluble good 0.116 141 26 -45
soluble good 0.153 91 12 -61
soluble good 0.156 34 6 -13
soluble good 0.147 - 17 37
Ester base oil  Insoluble
good 0.137 69 8 -40
Mineral oil base oil  Insoluble
poor 0.180 37 7 -13
PAO base oil  Insoluble
poor 0.230 30 6 -61

*Test conditions for lubricity [SRV method]: Lubricity (coefficient of friction) evaluation using an oscillating friction and wear test (SRV tester) 
Test specimen: Steel ball (SUJ-2, Φ 10 mm), steel disk (SUJ-2)  
Test conditions: Load 100 N (50 → 500 N), frequency 50 Hz, vibration width 1.0 mm, temperature 40°C 

Water solubility of "EXCEBIOL"

Water solubility evaluation of "EXCEBIOL" 

"EXEBIOL" can be easily mixed with water and maintained in a homogeneous state by mixing with water and shaking. 

<Test Method> 
"EXCEBIOL" water solubility evaluation test 
A two-layer sample was prepared by weighing 2mL of each part of "EXCEBIOL" in a test tube and gently adding 2 ml of water. 
 (For "EXCEBIOL DE-1000," 3mL of water was added to 1g of sample.) 

 The sample was first shaken gently and then gradually and vigorously to check its compatibility with water. 
 The compatibility of the samples with water was confirmed by shaking the samples gently and then gradually more vigorously.  [The photographs in the table above show the appearance before shaking and after 24 hours of standing.]  

Comparison test 
 The ester/mineral oil/PAO base oil was operated in the same way except that each oil was added to water, and it was confirmed that the oil separated from the water over time. 

Change in appearance during water solubilization of "EXCEBIOL"

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