Acrylic Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) Base"POLYTHICK"

Acrylic Pressure Sensitive Adhesives(PSA) for a Wide Range of Applications from General Purpose to Optical Applications. 
Environmentally Friendly Solvent-free Type is also Available. 

What is Great about Sanyo Chemical's of Acrylic Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Base "POLYTHICK" Products. 


Lineup of Acrylic Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Grades with a Wide Range of Adhesive Performance

Taking advantage of the high design flexibility of acrylic adhesives, weak to strong adhesive grades are available for a wide range of applications. It is especially suitable for general-purpose tapes and optical applications. 


Solvent-free Grade Lineup

By selecting solvent-free products, the solvent drying process of the adhesive becomes unnecessary. The following benefits are possible. 

  • Reduced risk of exposure to solvent vapors during handling
  • Costs for recovering volatilized solvents can be reduced.
  • The adhesive layer can be made thicker with a single coating, reducing the need for overlapping coating processes.

Typical Applications

Medical tape

Automobile seats

Electronics (optical applications)

Our Acrylic Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Base 
 about "POLYTHICK"

  Adhesives are a type of bonding agent that can be quickly laminated and peeled off when necessary. Because of their convenience, adhesives are widely used in various applications and fields, including packaging, electronics, optics, automobiles, building construction materials, and medicine. 

 "POLYTHICK" is a main agent of acrylic adhesives. Acrylic adhesives are characterized by their wide range of design possibilities, from weak to strong adhesion.

Main Lineup of "POLYTHICK":  Acrylic Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

*1 Polyisocyanate or melamine curing agents are used .
*2 Polyisocyanate curing agent [Coronate L, Tosoh Corp. ]  
*3 Curing catalyst [JP-504 manufactured by Johoku Chemical Industry Co.] 
Curing Type Two-component curable type*1 Two-component curable type*1 one-component curable type Hot melt type
Evaporation Residual (wt%)  37 37 42 100
Viscosity (mPa・s) 7000 (30℃) 3200 (30℃) 2800 (30℃) 300000 (30℃)
Hardener content(wt%) 1.0 *2 1.0  *2 0.2  *3 -
Adhesive strength
N/25mm JIS Z 0237
16 8 1 18
Retentivity ㎜/24h JIS Z 0237 0.3 0.0 0.0 Cohesive breakdown in 30 minutes.
Ball Tack JIS Z 0237 6 14 3 6
  • Highly adhesive grade
  • Suitable for acetate substrates
  • Medium adhesion grade
  • Suitable for wet surfaces and low temperature environments
  • Weak adhesion grade with moderate peeling sensation
  • High adhesion grade
  • Thick coating possible 
Main applications Surgical tape Industrial use Protective film Electronic materials

Products in Development in the Acrylic Adhesives Base "POLYTHICK" 

We have many products in development of polythick products.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any requests other than those listed below.

Solvent-free Acrylic Adhesive (Under Development)

Based on the solvent-free technology of acrylic adhesives, we are developing adhesives with additional functions. 
(We can also supply the product diluted with the desired solvent.) 

Adhesive that Suppresses Gelation during High-temperature Coating (Solvent-free Product)

Solvent-free adhesive that is acrylic, acid-free and suppresses thickening due to gelation at high temperatures 

Intended use

Optical adhesives, etc.  

Solvent Diluted Products (Under development)

Antistatic Coating Agent (Solvent Diluted)

Non-staining antistatic agent, which is a fusion of our anti-static technology and acrylic adhesive design technology, can prevent dust adhesion and sparking caused by static electricity generated when the protective film is peeled off.

Intended use

Protective films, protective materials for electronic components, packaging materials, etc.

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