Polyether with Allyl Groups

Our Synthesis and Purification Technologies have Enabled us to Achieve a High Degree of Purity, Making This Polyether Product Ideal for Use as a Synthetic Raw Material. 

Sanyo Chemical's Specialty Polyether Products are Here! 

"SANYCOL" Products 

Our synthesis and purification technologies have enabled us to achieve a high degree of purity, making this polyether product ideal for use as a synthetic raw material. 

Overview of Sanyo Chemical's Polyether Synthesis Technology 

What is AOA (Alkylene Oxide Adducts)? 

 AOA (Alkylene Oxide Adducts) is the polymerization of an alkylene oxide (EO, PO, BO, THF, etc.) to an active hydrogen compound (alcohol, carboxylic acid, etc.). AOA (Alkylene Oxide Adducts) refers to polymers obtained by addition polymerization of alkylene oxide (EO, PO, BO, THF, etc.) to active hydrogen compounds (alcohols, carboxylic acids, etc., having active hydrogen). 

Active Hydrogen Compound
 (Starting Material)

Number of fucutional groups  Active hydrogen compound type Structural formula
1 Alcohols
(long chain, short chain)
allyl alcohol
methacrylic acid
2 glycol

Alkylene Oxide
(Addition Monomer) 

Alkylene oxide
AO Structural fomula
monomer post-ring opening
Ethylene oxide
Propylene oxide
Buthylene oxide
  • By combining each of them, polyethers with various properties can be designed.
  • It is a synthetic process involving high-pressure reactions, and only a limited number of manufacturers have industrialized it.

End Group Attachments

In addition, the terminal groups (hydroxyl groups, etc.) of AOA can be modified by various organic reactions to impart new resin properties, making it suitable for a wide variety of resin applications.

Reaction attachments end group structural formula Characteristics
etherification alkyl ether Inactivation of OH group
allyl ether Reactivity
Modified silicone resin
glycidyl ether Reactivity
Epoxy resin modifier
esterification acetyl Inactivation of OH group

UV-curable resin

urethaneization isocyanate Reactivity
Urethane sealant resin

"SANYCOL" Products <Polyether with Allyl Group> 

Main applications: Modifier for silicone
≡Si-H + Allyl AOA → ≡Si-CH2CH2CH2-(AO)nH

Purity and impurity control are important so as not to interfere with the reaction with silicone 
⇒ Concentration of Sanyo Chemical's polyether synthesis & refining technologies! 

Products Structure
SANYCOL  H Products Allyl AOA
End group: hydroxy 
SANYCOL M Products Allyl AOA 
End group: methyl

SANYCOL A Products

Allyl AOA 
End group: acetyl 
SANYCOL B Products Allyl AOA 
End group: buthyl

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