Antistatic agents

Antistatic agent

Permanent Antistatic Agents(General Purpose) 

Semi-permanent prevention of static electricity problems in plastic products

Antistatic agent

Permanent Antistatic Agents (Low Resistance) 

We provide fundamental solutions for static electricity problems for precision electronic components, etc.

Antistatic agent

Low Molecular Weight Antistatic Agents "CHEMISTAT"

"CHEMISTAT" can be used for various applications such as kneading into inks, paints, and resins

Ionic liquid

Ionic Liquid

As an ionic liquid manufacturer with over 20 years of production experience, we provide solutions using ionic liquids with a high degree of design flexibility.

Polyethylene glycol

Polyethylene glycol

PEG is highly water soluble and is not hydrolyzed, so it is widely used as a water soluble base for viscosity adjustment and other applications.