Phthalate-free Plasticizers (Low Bleed-out)"SANFLEX"

Also Includes Product Lineup of Low Bleed-out Polymer Plasticizers 

What is Great about "SANFLEX"

  • We have a lineup of phthalate-free (non-phthalate) plasticizers. 
  • We can offer a wide range of products, from polyethylene glycol dibenzoate plasticizers as general-purpose products to polymer-type plasticizers that are difficult to bleed out.

What is a Plasticizer?

Plasticizers are added to synthetic resins to improve their plasticity and to give them flexibility. It is mainly used for thermoplastic resins, which are linear polymers, but is also used for thermosetting resins.

Advantages of Polymer Plasticizers

When PVC electrical cords and water hoses are used for long periods of time, they may harden and become difficult to use.

This is due to the fact that the low-molecular plasticizer seeps into the surface over time, volatilizes, and is washed away, causing the original plasticizing effect to be lost. Since this phenomenon is caused by the low molecular weight of the plasticizer, using a high-molecular plasticizer with a molecular weight of several thousand or more makes it difficult for the plasticizer to move within the resin and enables the plasticizing effect to be maintained for a long time.

SANYO CHEMICAL's "SANFLEX" products of Polymer Plasticizers (for Sealing)

 Our "SANFLEX" series of polymer plasticizers are available in linear and multifunctional types, both of which are characterized by their resistance to bleedout. They also have excellent viscosity reduction effects. 

 Multifunctional plasticizers are characterized by their high plasticizing effect and resistance to bleed out. When used for urethane, they are inert to reactive groups such as isocyanate and have excellent storage stability. 

"SANFLEX SPX", "SANFLEX GPA" (non-phthalate polymer type)

Linear Type Plasticizer

  • Reduce the viscosity in manufacturing processes of plastics
  • Easy to migrate

Multifunctional Type Plasticizer

High plasticizing effect and low bleed out property because of bulky structure


  •  Excellent bleed-out resistance and plasticizing effect 
  •  Inert to reactive groups such as isocyanate, and has excellent storage stability 
  •  Non-phthalate type

Main Lineup of "SANFLEX" Products 

Non-phthalate Polymer-type Low Bleed Plasticizer

End Ester Modified Multifunctional Polyether ("SANFLEX SPX₋80N", "SANFLEX GPA₋3000")


Plasticizers for urethane sealants 

  • Although the viscosity is high on its own, when blended, a low viscosity sealant compound is obtained. 
  • The extremely low bleed-out property of the sealant makes it difficult to soften or contaminate the paint film even when overcoated with paint. 
  • The terminal hydroxyl group is sequestered, making it virtually inert. 
Appearance Colorless to pale yellow liquid
Viscosity (25℃) Approx. 420 mPa・s
Hydroxyl value Approx. 0.2
Specific gravity (20℃/4℃) Approx. 1.020
Moisture  Approx. 0.03 wt%

Non-phthalate General-purpose Plasticizer (Polyethylene Glycol Dibenzoate)

"SANFLEX EB" Products

Appearance Pale yellow liquid Pale yellow liquid Pale yellow liquid
Viscosity(25℃) Approx. 100 mPa・s  Approx. 120 mPa・s  Approx. 160 mPa・s 
Specific gravity(20℃/4℃) Approx. 1.17  Approx. 1.18 Approx.  1.15
Examples of Uses Plasticizers for various resins Plasticizers for various resins Plasticizers for various resins

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