Resin Additives & Plasticizer

Resin additive

Filler Dispersant for Resin
(Acid-modified PP) "UMEX"

Essential additives for polyolefin compounding 

Resin additive

Polyolefin Wax

Polyolefin waxes contribute to improved resin dispersion, moldability, and mold release.

Resin additive

Chemical Resistance Improver
for ABS Resin "FUNCTIVE" 

"FUNCTIVE" improves chemical resistance, such as alcohol resistance, when kneaded into ABS resin during molding.


Phthalate-free Plasticizers

Phthalate-free plasticizers. Lineup includes low bleed-out grades 

Antistatic agent

Permanent Antistatic Agents(General Purpose)  "PELESTAT" 

Semi-permanent prevention of static electricity problems in plastic products.

Antistatic agent

Permanent Antistatic Agents (Low Resistance) "PELECTRON"

We provide fundamental solutions for static electricity problems for precision electronic components, etc.